Do your fabrics feel and perform the same as other performance cycling fabrics? 

Absolutely 100% yes!

To touch and wear, you would not know the difference.  They have the same wicking and performance characteristics as other performance cycling fabrics made from virgin polyester and nylon.   Ours are just better for the planet.  

By choosing recycled fabrics, you are preventing pre and post-consumer waste from entering our landfills and oceans and contributing to savings in energy, water and fossil fuel. Better right?

Where are your fabrics made?

Our recycled fabrics are manufactured in Italy.

What are your minimums?

Our minimum order quantity is 10 pieces of the same style, design and gender.  

Please note that men's and women's items count separately towards the 10 piece minimum.

Do you supply samples or sizing kits?

Samples or sizing kits can be sent upon request for a deposit of $50AUD per piece.  This deposit is refunded when the sample(s)/sizing kits are returned and received by us.  Where we supply a sizing kit, this must be returned and received by us before we can place your order.

Do you charge a design fee?

A design fee of $299AUD is required to begin the design process.  SPOKEN have guidelines for logo placement on all custom kits.  All designs must align with SPOKEN's design aesthetics and we reserve the right to place logos to fit SPOKEN's design ideals on all custom kit.  Up to 4 revisions are included in our design fee. 

What format should my logos be in?

SPOKEN can only work high resolution artwork files in vector format (e.g. .ai, .eps, .pdf).   Vector art is the key for sharp printing because vector images can be printed with maximum precision even when resized.  Most logos are created as vector files. 

What are your delivery timeframes?

Target delivery is 8-9 weeks from the order close date.  Production turnaround in 7 weeks with an allowance of 2 weeks for delivery.

What are your delivery costs?

We offer free shipping to one address in Australia and New Zealand (e.g. all items bulk-shipped to one address).    

To ship each kit individually, a separate shipping surcharge will apply per address ($9.95 within Australia and $30 for NZ shipments)

We are not responsible for local duties and taxes for customs clearance.

What are your ordering and payment options?

SPOKEN offers 2 options:

  1. A bulk order that is invoiced to one entity and shipped free to one address.
  2. A dedicated team store that allows for individual payment with all orders bulk shipped free to one address.

Please note that if the team store option is used:

  • the custom order contact will be responsible to ensure minimum order requirements are met.
  • the order is not sent to production until the team store order window closes.

What are your terms of payment?

  • Our usual terms require the design fee to be paid to begin the custom process.
  • For bulk orders invoiced to one entity, payment in full is required before production.
  • For bulk orders the 7 week production period starts upon payment of invoice.
  • For team stores, the 7 week production period starts on the team store closing date.

What is your returns policy?

Custom kits are made-to-order and therefore SPOKEN cannot accept returns.

If there is a manufacturing fault and this is reported to us within 10 business days from receipt of the order, SPOKEN will at its discretion replace or repair the item.